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Ritesh Agarwal Journey to success

Ritesh Agarwal Journey to success

We all know about OYO hotels chains, everybody has OYO app on the phone. OYO stands for ‘On Your Own’. Ritesh Agarwal Founder and CEO of OYO has very interesting success journey. We can learn lots of good things for his journey.

Ritesh Agarwal becomes not millionaire but billionaire at the age of 23. He is a self-made billionaire and youngest CEO of multi-millionaire company. Ritesh did not own any hotel and still earning millions of money from hotels.

What how he is doing so?

Let’s dive into, Ritesh Agarwal Journey to success.

Ritesh started programming at the age of 10. He has a great interest in computer programming and decided to become a computer engineer.

In 2009, he went to Kota for IIT coaching. Ritesh love to travel around the world. Whenever he gets a chance to travel, he used to go around.
While travelling across India. He realised that some hotels offer very poor service and some hotel offers good service at the same price.

That’s his innovative idea. He starts solving this problem and starts his entrepreneur career. He made a mobile phone app that provided a platform to the hotel owner to list hotel on OYO app.

In 2012 he started a company ‘Oravel’. After a year of Oravel, he changed the name to OYO rooms. OYO rooms compare all the listed hotels and give you a list of good hotels. Soon OYO gots millions of finding from investors, this helped Ritesh to grow OYO across India.

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OYO has reached almost every town of India. OYO also started his Hotel chain in Nepal and Malesia. OYO is growing all around the world and helping millions of people every day to find an affordable and fit to budget hotel.

Ritesh found his idea from his personal experience, he faced many times when they went out for fun. We all are surrounded by many problems like Ritesh’s. Dig into your life experience. I am sure you probably found your innovative idea.

Be innovative and creative. Who knows, someday someone is writing your story.

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