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Bhuvan Bam Journey to success

Bhuvan Bam Journey to success

Bhuvan bam is also known as BB ki vines. A YouTuber, who made his career on youtube and now he is earning handsome money every month.

Bam started his career at the age of 21 year. Became a millionaire under the age of 25 year and a self-made millionaire.

Now he is 26 year old and his net worth is approx rupees 15 -16 crore INR.

In most of his interview, he said that he is a signer by heart.

First, he made a video on a news report question that he asked from a woman whose son was dead due to the Kashmir floods and post it on Facebook and his first video got only 15 views.

BB ki vines first became famous in Pakistan. Then he thought about how to make videos viral also in India.

His friends encourage him to upload the video on youtube and started his youtube career on 20, June 2015. He did not even know that he can earn using youtube. Then he starts making videos and after 5-6 months his youtube channel becomes famous not in India also globally. Now he has 16million above youtube subscribers.

Bam creates all of his content by his own he did not own any professional team.

He used to shoot all of his videos with the phone front camera only and did not use any professional camera’s.

Bam also worked in a resort as a musician.

He did not even perform well in studies. He is like us a normal person. But he did something unique and creative that people likes. Never got disappointed if something went wrong or if things did not work for him.

He also won awards for his creation. In 2016, he won most popular channel on Youtube award. In 2019, he won entertainer of the year and global entertainer of the year awards.

Be innovative and creative. Who knows, someday someone is writing your story.

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