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What is influencer marketing?

What is influencer marketing?

To understand influencer marketing first you have to understand the word influencer.

An influencer is a person who attracts people’s attention toward him and people follow him.

You have understood the word influencer. Now you have to understand the word marketing.

Marketing means selling products.

Now We can come to the point influencer marketing means a person who sells products for a brand or a business.

Now you are thinking that I have to sell products. I have to go door to door and beg in front of people to buy a product that you want to sell. That’s an old way of marketing. In the internet era, you don’t have to do that Begging.

Social media can do that for you it’s called social media influencing marketing. The person who sells products on his social media called social media influencer.

What is social media influencing marketing?

Before Social media influencing is limited to celebrities but now it’s open to all and anyone can do social media influencing.

Nowadays everyone is using social media and approximately 2.64 billion people are on social media worldwide. You understand the term influencing and marketing. Social media influencing marketing means influencing marketing on social media.

You have to sell products on social media and approximately 27 billion dollars spent on marketing on social media every year. But if you get a few dollars from it.

But how are you going to get it?

First, you have chosen social media where you can sell a product or advertise for the product. I am not going to tell here which social media is good and which is not because I am talking about social media influencing marketing here. If you want to know which one is doing good please check out post on top social media platforms in 2020.

Your first setup is to make a good looking profile or a page whatever you want to. Grow the audience because the audience is the main and those are the people whom you want to sell the products.

Post every day on your social media and engage with your audience thank them for likes, answer their questions and solve their problems, etc…

Real peoples are making $1000+ by social media influencing marketing.

Julie Sariñana social media influencer
Julie Sariñana a social media influencer charge around $150,000 for one post that she posts.

Danielle Bernstein social media influencer
Danielle Bernstein another social media influencer charge around $150,00 for one post that she posts.

Julie Sariñana and Danielle Bernstein are real people you can also check their profile and see what they are doing.

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