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What is asset?

What Is Asset

Asset word is the combination of two words ‘ad + satis’, ad means ‘to’ and ‘statis’ means ‘enough’. In simple words, we can say that asset is something that puts money in your pocket without taking anything from you.

Let’s take an example you have a phone and you are using it for your personal use for chatting with friends, family, and to use Facebook, Instagram, etc…

You do lots of things on the phone but if the same phone can put money in your pocket and it’s taking nothing from you.

It seemed confused that how a phone can make money for you. You are thinking that I am stupid and talking nonsense. But it can make $1000+ dollars for you.

What how?

How we can turn our phone into an asset?

That can make money for you.

You really want to make money using a phone and to know how to read this to the end and don’t skip anything because I am going to explain things that can help you.

In the Internet world, there are lots of sources that can make money for you. But here I am talking about phones and what we can do with the phone so that it can make money for you.

Today everybody is using social media like Facebook, Instagram Snapchat and twitter, etc. Everybody has accounts on these social media. Did you know approximately 2.64 billion people are using social media worldwide and approximately 27 billion dollars spent on advertising on social media every year? The user and amount increasing every year.

But the point that how you can make money using the phone?

Did you know about social media influencer?

Social media influencer is the one who posts ads on his social media handles and charges for that post charge. Charges can $50 – $1000 and even more, it depends upon your social media profile.

Julie Sariñana social media influencer

Julie Sariñana a social media influencer charge around $150,000 for one post that she posts.

Danielle Bernstein social media influencer

Danielle Bernstein another social media influencer charge around $150,00 for one post that she posts.

Julie Sariñana and Danielle Bernstein are real people you can also check their profile and see what they are doing.

Like these, you can be one. If you want to know more about social media influencer check out post on what is influencer marketing.

You can do everything with a phone. You are using social media and have a phone. Now it’s up to you how you want to use your phone and social media account.

It’s just an example and there are lots of things out there in the world that make assets for us.

If you have any queries and recommendations, let me know in the comments below in the comment box.

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