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What are we not taught in schools?

What are we not taught in schools?

You are thinking that what I am talking about. I do not think that we are not taught in schools. We are taught everything in schools. But that is not true. Before we started let’s take a look at your school time and think about what you are taught in school?

Still, you are thinking that we are taught everything in school. Then don’t waste your time you can leave.

So let’s start, we have to be taught how to be a good worker and how to do good in 9 – 5 job. We are made workers in schools. But they did not teach us how to be a rich man?

How can we make money in real life? Is not it?

That’s the main reason behind poverty. Did you know that India’s 70% educated people are not capable of doing any job?

Why is this? We are taught everything in school. It is not that you do not have the ability. Everybody has a brain. God has given everyone an equal mind.

So what is holding us back? The understanding of money is holding us back. We all believe that money is everything. Earn as much money as you can. So that we never run out of money.

Is not it?

I am not saying that we don’t have to earn money. Earn money but don’t run behind the money. let the money run behind you.

How can we do that?

We have only one source of earning and that is the job. But the rich have many sources of earning. We used to spend our money on clothes, food and many other useless ways. But rich people spend their money on a wisely way. They did one thing they spend money on asset first. If you want to know about an asset, then check out post on what is asset.

The same asset now becomes the source of their earnings. By doing this, they make many sources of earnings. We have only one source of earning, but rich people have many sources of earning.

We have to focus on the asset so that we also have many sources of earning like rich people.

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