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The hidden secret of getting rich

The hidden secret of getting rich

Before telling the secret, I want to ask you some questions.

Don’t you think that the rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poorer?
But why is that?
What do rich people do that they are getting richer and richer?
What are we not doing?

They are normal people like us. They do everything like us they wake up in the morning, eat food, spend time with family and friends. They too have 24 hours to work like us. They have no extra hour to work.

But what is it that they are doing, but we are not doing.

Let’s dive into the hidden secret of getting rich.

Secret number 1. Time management:-

We used to waste our time on useless things. Time management is key behind every rich person. Time is valuable and time never stops for you. Everything depends on the time. If you managed to use time wisely, then no one can stop you from getting rich.

Secret number 2. Cash Flow:-

By cash flow, I mean how to use money correctly. We used to earn handsome money but we did know how to spend them wisely. We used to spend money on comfort. Like we have a huge amount of money we are thinking about a luxury car so that we can drive anywhere.

A luxury car is not a good choice. Because it’s going to eat a lot of your money. Let’s take an example:-

A car cost you around 11 lakh. You have financed the car for 5 years and EMI is 22k per month. The total cost of the car after years is 13,20,00 plus other expenses like service, insurance, tyar and road tax etc. It’s going to reach around 14-15 lakh within 5 years.

Instead of the car buy a house of cost rupees 5-6 lakh or more if you want, I am just taking an example. Rent it for 12k per month after five years you have 7,20.000rs and even more. Then you can buy a car and you can tell people that my house is paying for my car. How cool it is right.

I just gave you an example of a car and house. You can compare other things that you own. Car is your liability and house is your asset. Grow assets, not liabilities.

If you are interested to know more about an asset, you can check post on what is asset.

Secret 3. Knowledge:-

You are managing time and cash flow wisely. We can now move to our last secret that is knowledge. Knowledge is everything without the knowledge you can’t do anything. Learn as much as you can. Make a good habit read every day for at least 1-2 hours. A very good book you must read “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki and you can buy it from amazon.

If you have any queries and recommendations, let me know in the comments below in the comment box.

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