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5 Easiest ways to make money online with zero investment

5 Easiest ways to make money online with zero investment

Say, no to 9-5 job be your boss and work whenever you want. Internet is growing with rapid speed and opening lots of windows for us to make money online. Today we are doing everything online and half of the global population is using the internet.

When It comes to online we thought that it’s a scam and we can’t make money online. But it’s not true, lots of people are making real money online and becoming a millionaire. If you want to check, check out my success story section.

To get success online, you have to be disciplined and use good sources.

So let’s dig into the 5 Easiest ways to make money online with zero investment.

1.Social media influencing

Social media is ruling the world these days. Everyone is using social media to connect with people globally. We can make friends on social media even we did not know them.

To make money using social media, you have to build an audience that follows you and your trends. If you have a good audience on social media then you can make money by social media influencing. If you want to know more about social media influencing check out my influencing marketing post.


Freelancing is becoming popular among us these days because it’s giving freedom to us to work from anywhere. For this, you must have some skills. Like content writing, graphics designing and website development. You have to just look for good websites that offer the task to people.

3. Start a blog

If you write well and have the skill to write. Then you can start your blog. Many people around us are making good money from blogging. There are lots of options available to start a blog for free of cost. If people start liking your blog and there is good traffic in your blog. Then you can monetise your blog by ads.

4. Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you have to sell products for people or for a company. But not in an old way by going to door to door. But in a modern way, look for companies or people who provide an affiliate marketing programme. Signup for their programme and start recommending their products to people using any platform that you love. For example, you can post their products on social media and on a blog that you start.

5. Start a youtube channel

You can start a youtube channel and earn handsome money. You have to do one thing that look for a creative and unique idea. So that you can get good traffic on your YouTube channel. Now you managed to gain good traffic then you can monetise your youtube channel. keep one thing in mind that youtube did not pay for views. You have to apply for monetise programme then you can start earning money.

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